Sunday, 15 April 2012

Defensive frailties sent PFA to humiliating crashing

PFA endured a day to forget as they suffered a 8-2 thumping at the hands of Andulau FT at Turf Ground AAC School. Two main strikers Najib and Daniel were surprisingly dropped to the bench after they failed to score in the last match.

PFA made several changes to the last game allowing them to play a systematic 4-5-1 with 3-man midfield and Hirman leading the line with the idea of holding the possession. But things did not went well after they conceded four preventable soft goals.

PFA then throw Daniel into the game in hope to bolster the frontline and he managed to pull one back for PFA, but there was to be no catching in the first period as the opposition scored again to make the score line 5-1 heading to the break.

PFA made a lot of changes for the second period and looked promising in the attack creating handful of scoring opportunities but failed to convert any of those. PFA then were furiously denied a penalty when Duan had been brought down but the ref waved away. Najib then got the consolation as the fulltime score went a thumping 8-2 defeat to PFA. 

 1st half:

Aziz, Saiful, JJ, Deq Wan, David, Ali (Qayyum), Dillah (Daniel), Ninak, Jafni, Jarul, Hirman

2nd half:

Aziz (Ninak), Aqil, JJ (Zamri), Deq Wan (Dillah), Boy Habs, Qayyum, Fizu, Najib, Bebek, Duan, Daniel

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