Friday, 27 May 2011

Rusty PFA stunned by HRS

HRS claimed their win at Padang BSRC as they outplayed a toothless PFA on Tuesday afternoon with a 2-0 triumph. Once again it showed as PFA lacked invention and energy and it was the opposition who had the spark as they scored a stunning strike from a long range effort.

The game is good as over in the second period when HRS rounded the game 2-0 thanks to Along’s spot kick after their player had been fouled inside the penalty box. There could be no complaints from PFA side who did not do nearly enough to win the game. Things looked so rosy after the 6-2 win against ex-SMPW but that was not the case this time.

Maybe the lack of individual effort to build own fitness contributed to poor, sluggish performance and it’s all up to the 18 selected players to step up before their first league match against Meraq Utd which will take place on 5th June 2011 (Sunday). There is a saying “you don’t have to be fast or skillful, as long as you are fit, you can do anything on the pitch”. Jog more PFA!
1st Half:
Gigz, Jj, Madeli, Alai, Aqil (Qayyum), Alfi, Daniel, David, Juan, Boi, Najib

2nd Half:
Gigz, Jj, Mad (Bebek), David (Arif), Alai (Boi Habs), Najib (Daniel), Alfi, Jarul (Alai), Qayyum (Hirman), Ali, Nabil

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