Friday, 6 May 2011

PFA woes continue

PFA endured a frustrating night as they went down to a 0-2 defeat against Pesaka Jr. PFA had certainly made a commanding start in the first period but it was the visitor who took the lead when a loose ball from Juan led to the first goal. PFA struggled to muster a response despite their bright start in the early minutes with some forward play but lack the cutting edge.

PFA then gave a good account of themselves in the second period when Ali burst through with his blistering pace and fire a shot but the goalkeeper managed to tip it off. PFA needed to stay solid if they were to maintain hope of getting back into the game despite their chances remained elusive. But it was the penalty that decided the game when JJ ill-timed challenge on the Pesaka Jr’s player gifted the host with a penalty.

PFA players could only watch on as the Wijaya midfielder once again stepped up to emphatically beat the goalkeeper with a well taken spot-kick. This defeat means PFA have now lost eight friendly matches out of eleven so far this year, their worst ever records in recent years.

1st Half:
Gigz, Juan, JJ, Aziz, Alai, Boy, Jafni, Daniel, Alfi, Nameng, Najib

2nd Half:
Gigz, Jj (Arif), Nabil, Alai (Nasri), Boy Habs, Dillah, Fizu, Auni (Bebek), Ali, Zul (Hirman), Pin (Qayyum)

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