Friday, 12 October 2012

PFA suffer another setback

   PFA    2-3 Adidas     

The game ended in the most dramatic way possible, with team Adidas were slightly fortunate to snatch the late victory as PFA dominated the game and didn’t deserved to lose.

PFA were 0-2 down and they managed to come back in the second period after manager Aziz reacted by introducing 3-man forwards with Reno replacing the fullback Aqil.

An effort from Daniel was then clawed away by the goalkeeper after a nice pass from Fizu. The goal rush did not let up, with Daniel swiftly pulling one back offering PFA hope. A wonderful through ball from Boy Habs finding Qayum led to the equalizing goal.

The winger then skillfully skipped past two players and his far-post cross was perfect for Fizu, who launched himself at the ball with a header. In the very last minute, PFA was ambushed by the late goal from set-piece and were forced to settle for a defeat a minute after.

1st half:

Adid, Amni, JJ, Madeli, Nameng, Hirman (Aqil), Japni, Dillah, Qayum, Daniel, Bebek

2nd half:

Adid, Aqil (Reno), JJ, Madeli, Boy Habs, Hj Boy, Japni, Dilah, Qayum, Fizu, Daniel (Bebek)

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