Tuesday, 25 October 2011

IBB demolished PFA

PFA suffered the same fate as Man United as they get demolished by IBB 5-2 at Padang Kecil on Tuesday afternoon. Having to play with 9 men from the start due to late of turned up cost the team dearly as they conceded three soft goals in the first period.

It’s difficult to play with 10 men, never mind play with 9 men. Daniel managed to pull one back for PFA but the striker has a day to forget as he had a nightmare in front of goal after he missed a plethora of chances. He should and could have scored at least 5 goals and it’s a shame he was not able to convert all the opportunities into goals. PFA then went into the break trailing two goals deficit 3-1.

PFA made some attacking changes with the likes of Alfie, Ali, Bebek, Nameng, Qayyum coming into the frame hoping to bolster PFA’s attack but unfortunately planning does not always go as planned. Alfie had to left the pitch as he sustained in what looked like an ankle injury and expected to be out for 2-3 weeks.

PFA conceded another two goals in the second period and has been awarded a penalty with Aziz converted the spot kick but this proved too little, too late.  Final score line 5-2 defeat to PFA, a disappointing result considering how many chances PFA had created, having played with 9 men to the start but it was good work out for the team.

1st half:

Daniel De Gea, Aqil, Aziz, Boy, Dek Wan, Yaseen, Japni, David, Pin, Nabil, Daniel

2nd half:

Daniel De Gea, David, Aziz, Dek Wan, Boy Habs, Qayyum, Dillah, Alfie (Japni), Ali, Nameng, Bebek

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