Monday, 11 April 2011

Poor refereeing decisions cost dearly

Lack of match fitness and fatigue proved PFA's undoing as they were beaten 4-1 by SMSA Pre-U at Padang Panglima. SMSA Pre-U had largely been the better team in the first period as they instantly looked to penetrate a nervy PFA defence and have most of the possession. The game looked to head 0-0 to half-time before crucial moment arrived when PFA Alfi appeared to be fouled by the opposition but the referee was not interested thus waving to play on and SMSA Pre-U went to scored within seconds after the incident.

Things does not looked so good after the interval when SMSA Pre-U double their lead just a minute after the start of the second period. Bebek then gave PFA a glimmer of hope when he volleyed it home from the right side cross to make the score 2-1. However, SMSA Pre-U came back to score the third and fourth of the game and frustration get the better of PFA players when there was a bust-up between Daniel and Juan because of poor refereeing decisions. Nabil then made a crunching tackle towards the end and the opposition player fell down shouting in agony like he had been shot by a rifle gun.

1st Eleven:
Pin, Nabil, Boi (Jj), Aziz, Alai, Qayyum (Bebek), Arip, Alfi, Jafni, Najib, Daniel

2nd Half:
Pin, Aziz (Jj), Nabil, Aqil, David, Juan, Ali (Alai), Jafni (Nameng), Alfi (Hirman), Najib (Duan), Bebek (Daniel)

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