Saturday, 16 June 2012

PFA fought back with a 3-1 win

   PFA    3-1   Imfera Utd   

PFA began their quest with a 3-1 win against Imfera Utd thanks to goals from Alfi and a brace from Ali. Duan was given an opportunity to stake a claim for a first-team place ahead of Nameng and Bebek. PFA opted to utilize him as a support striker to Daniel.

Things did not seems to go as planned as PFA started the game slowly, unable to keep possession for certain times. Imfera made an immediate impact as they opened the scoring within ten minutes, lashing a stunning shot just outside the box past the helpless PFA goalkeeper.

A shock seemed on the cards but PFA hit back with an exquisite free-kick from Alfi to level the scoreline 1-1. That goal sparked PFA into life as they were much in control with possession afterwards. There were moments of promise from the offensive midfielder Duan as he combined a neat one-two with Daniel, whose strike would surely have gone in had it not been straight at the Imfera goalkeeper.

PFA then started brightly in the second period as they were keeping the ball more often and Ali produced an expert finish with a superb volley to put his side ahead. With 15minutes from time, an incisive perfect through-ball from Daniel presented a wonderful opportunity for Ali to burst forward before slotting past the goalkeeper thus established their two goals cushion.

Impressive PFA’s back four managed to snuff out the rest of Imfera’s attacking attempt to salvage their hopes of getting into game and the referee made the final whistle as the game ended 3-1 win to PFA. PFA's next match will be on Monday, 18/06/2012 against Hoist FT.

1st half:

Udin, Saiful, JJ (C), Madeli, David, Qayyum, Jafni, Alfi, Ali, Duan, Daniel
Subs: Hj Kaharoul, Aqil, Nameng, Fizu, Bebek

2nd half:

Udin, Saiful (Nameng), JJ (C), Madeli, David, Qayyum (Bebek), Jafni, Alfi (Aqil), Duan (Fizu), Daniel
Subbed out: Saiful, Qayyum, Alfi, Duan

p/s: Huge credits and kudos to PFA backroom staff who helped not only their team but to the opponent as an acting medic team. That was a tremendous effort from the boys (Aziz, Dillah, Boy Habs, Boy B). All the preparations for the pre-game was absolutely fantastic!

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