Monday, 14 November 2011

PFA Futsal Night Photos

PFA players...

Real Steel, champion of the tourney

1st runners-up, Team C Ermin

3rd place goes to Hero Kampung fc

4th place, Why always us? Why? Why? hehe..

First match of the tournament between Hero Kampung & Team C Ermin


mr. jj in action

The Match Official team. Credits to them

Great save by Daniel De'gea. A very promising young goalkeeper

Maybe ani tah punca masa banyak tebuang... Qayum oh Qayum...

Jj: "Kayu ehhhh reffreri ani"

Mirul: "Manakan si Rushdi ani?"

Boi & B'Roi: "Syg2, me masih main bula bh ni busy jua me ni lakat.." :p

They were in "serious-ok-serious" mood on how to be on top of the table haha..

Saiful: "Hmm esok lagi keraja nii..."

Players waiting for the announcement & prize-giving session

Best Goalkeeper: Daniel De'gea

Top Scorer: Ipin

Best Player: Jafni

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