Monday, 6 June 2011

Qayyum’s magic give PFA first league win

PFA        2-1      Meraq Utd

PFA secured a 3 points against Meraq Utd in group B match after grinding out a 2-1 win at Padang Kompleks Sukan Mumong. PFA could not have wished for a better start after Daniel broke the deadlock as he smashed home past the goalkeeper in the first period. It was cagey opening with both sides tentative in their approach play.

PFA should have perhaps furthered their lead through Boy, who was guilty of failing to convert a penalty spot-kick. It was proving to be a difficult first game for PFA and their cause wasn’t helped when Japni was replaced by Fizu after the midfielder pulled up a groin injury.

The opposition were beginning to buckle under the pressure and finally got the equalizing goal in the second period after PFA’s defensive mix-up at the back. It was a huge blow to PFA followed by injuries which forced out Daniel and Najib from the pitch due to ankle injury. Both has been replaced by Arif and Aqil respectively.

Heads might have dropped, but a remarkable period of play was not over yet – and 15 minutes from the final whistle, PFA were back in front when Qayyum strike home a wonderful long range shot into the net which was proved to be the winning goal for PFA after the final whistle.

1st half:

Gigz, David, JJ, Alai, Boy Habs (Boy), Qayyum, Dillah, Japni (Fizu), Nameng, Daniel, Najib

2nd half:

Gigz, David, JJ, Boy, Alai, Qayyum, Dillah, Fizu, Nameng (Bebek), Daniel (Arif), Najib (Aqil)

Man of the match: David (You could call him Mr Duracell, after his performance today likened to a Duracell battery - always running and always on the go.)

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